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Clean pine needles and leaves off roof of your Spokane home

How are we going to do it

Do you need pine needles or leaves cleaned or cleared off your roof in Spokane?  A Pane in the glass provides roof clearing of leaves, pine needles, mud and all debris.  We will ladder up and climb onto your roof.  Usually using a hand blower to blow Pine needles and Leaves out of valleys and all sections of your roof.  This will usually blow most onto the ground, but if your roof has gutters, the gutter usually works as a trap catching some of the debris.  For this reason gutter cleaning is recommended to go along with a standard roof clean off.   The roof is blown completely free of debris, we then start on the gutters.  For Gutter cleaning information please see our Gutter cleaning page.

Why having pine needles & leaves taken off roof is so important

Your roof is very important part of your house, and maintaining it will cut back on unwanted repairs and expenses.  So you should take care of it.  The cosmetic look is important to most people as well. It’s important to keep it clean from debris for a couple reason. Snow build up, staining and fire hazard

Snow Build up

If pine needles are left on your roof thru winter and a heavy snow occurs several things can happen.  The snow will not melt and fall off your roof properly.  The pine needles build a makeshift dam trapping water and then with freezing weather can turn to ice.  This creates unnecessary weight on your roof and a safety hazard if the ice decides to slide off the roof at the wrong time.


Pine needles and leaves when left on your roof can cause staining.  Moist leaves are a breeding ground for different types of Algae.  Algae is known to cause severe black staining to most shingle roofs.  This isn’t going to harm your roof, but it doesn’t help the appearance or resale value of the property.  If you have roof staining there are ways to clean it.  Just contact us and I’d be happy to tell you how.

Fire Hazard

Heaven forbid if your house was to catch on fire, this debris isn’t going to help when it comes to putting it out.  If you burn wood and have a chimney, imagine a hot amber popping out of the chimney into a bed of dry pine needles on a section of your roof.  I don’t have to tell much more of the story, as you know what happens next.  This isn’t to scare you either, it’s a warning.  Whether you pay us to remove the debris or do it yourself, bottom line is it needs to be done.