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Gutter Cleaning Hayden Lake 

Gutter Cleaning in Hayden Lake, Idaho is provided by A Pane in the Glass. My name is Justin Monk, I’m the owner. We’ve been offering gutter cleaning service to the area for approximately 12 years. If you require simple routine maintenance or maybe you have an overflowing issue from a clogged downspout, we can take care of it.

How we clean your gutters

We will either work directly off the ladder or walk your roof, clearing debris out of the gutter. We use specially designed tools made just for cleaning gutters. We remove all organic debris including leaves, pine needles, soil and dirt. From time to time we run across un-organic items such as tennis balls, baseballs, nurf footballs, kids homework. We’ll remove these items too.

Part of your gutters functioning correctly is ensuring all the downspouts are not clogged. We have different packages but no matter which one you purchase, all downspouts will be checked. If your downspout has a clog we use a tool similar to the plumbers snake to clear the obstruction. If your gutters are in need of gutter repair or maybe you need some gutter installation, we offer those services too.

Why should you pay to have gutters cleaned

You can always do it yourself if you’re handy on a ladder. If you’re inexperienced, falling off a ladder could be not only painful but medically expensive. We’re pros at climbing ladders and walking roofs. If you’re unsure, I’d go with hiring a professional gutter cleaning service. Not only that point, but if we’re hired you can ensure the job is going to get done correctly.

Why should I chose A Pane in the Glass

A Pane in the Glass won the Award for Best Window Cleaning in Spokane 2011, 2012, 2013 and soon to be 2014 – Our gutter cleaning work is comparable to our window cleaning. Taking both services very seriously with over a decade of professional experience. A Pane in the Glass is a solid choice for either service. We have a ton of reviews across the internet proving this.

Where can I find these Reviews

A normal internet search “A Pane in the Glass spokane reviews” will bring up several different sites to look at. Angies List has the most listed for our company. We have over sixty near perfect “A” grade reviews with zero “F” grades. If you’ve never heard of Angies List, let me explain how their system works.

They are a public traded company with their specialty being focused on collecting honest real reviews from customers in need of contractor services. The fee for the customer is appx $5 to $15 per year. Then Angies List registers all the Business’s (Contractors) throughout the entire area city to city. Once a contractor is used by a member, the member is encouraged to leave a review on how the contractor did. So basically you have a list of contractors with hundreds of reviews from past customers. These reviews are impossible to fake or make up, unlike reviews you read on some websites. You don’t know if they’re real, these are. Angies list is an awesome way to find good proven contractors. I personally use it myself.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned

The most common routine for gutter cleaning is twice a year, spring and fall. It all depends on how much vegetation you have around the outside of your house. Spring is good as the Trees are budding flowers that produce a lot of unseen seeds. They can quickly build up and hamper your gutters from functioning correctly. Fall is also necessary as all the leaves have fallen. If timed correctly (after leaves fall) before it freezes, leaves can be cleared. If not the leaves can create a dam like situation trapping water. The water will freeze which creates stress on the gutters from the weight. This is one of the main causes for gutter repair, costing you the home owner thousands each year.

If you live in the Hayden Lake area and have been looking for a good reputable gutter cleaning company, look no further. A Pane in the Glass services the following areas: Hayden Lake, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, South Hill, Coeur d’Alene, Rathdrum, Post Falls, Spirit Lake, Blanchard, Hayden, Rockford Bay, Kidd Island, Black rock, Cheney, Deer Park, South Hill, Five Mile, Nine Mile Falls